Notebook Ride (bike) Pack of 2


Nice parts of test prints  from the screenprint workshop are given new life as covers for our notebooks.

Sometimes there is no app that can compete with a physical notebook.

We have felt our way through several papers to get to the ultimate, an uncoated paper that still isn't too rough, but thick enough so that the ink doesn't go through.

64 pages in a practical A6 format so it can slip down in your pocket or bag.

We cut up and select nice parts for the cover. Here you see some examples – every cover is unique.


Type: Stationery

Jollygoodfellow mixes with no respect old and new, city and nature, high tech and low tech in block printing, screen printing and other experiments. We like to work with the entire process from idea to the tangible work with screenprinting, making small labels and what it may be. The editions are therefore small.

Jollygoodfellow is a duo consisting of Esa and Lisa Tanttu, Esa is also working with graphic design and it happens that he puts on his pop-jeans and plays drums. Lisa has studied art pedagogy at Konstfack and is more interested in how images affect us than to draw beautifully, feel a certain delight in waste material like toilet rolls and styrofoam.

Designer image for Jollygoodfellow