Perfect Imperfection

Nordic and Scandinavian design is generally well thought of internationally. Known mainly for being functional, clean and timeless - it can sound a little "beige"...

It is difficult to get rid of the clutter and the unnecessities, and to create something which is beautiful in its simplicity, however we believe our new designer Kajsa Cramer has perfected this with her ceramic homeware - functional and with real Nordic style.

Kajsa is an artist who has worked with clay for 17 years, and creates homeware items from porcelain clay. Her colour scheme is largely black and white with the occasional hand painted stripes and dots (classic Scandinavian style!), which lets the form and the feeling take centre stage. Highly tactile you can feel how the product was made as each piece is unique. 

Find all of Kajsa Cramers products available here

The material itself is very delicate, yet durable - so dont worry about the washing up. Porcelain clay is somewhat transparent, so for example, the white mugs will cast a beautiful light if used as a candle holder. 

We met Kajsa in Stockholm where she was in high demand chatting to buyers.  She was calm and collective, pretty much like her products!  She sells alongside her partner Kim Cramer who creates moody prints and photographs who we hope to work with in the future.  Together they have created a contemporary partnership with a real creative edge.  

We managed to get chatting to her...

What kind of products do you create and who do you create them for?

I only work in porcelain clay which is the strongest and whitest clay. It is also somewhat transparent which makes it elegant and perfect for light holders.  I create items which make the everyday more beautiful.

At the moment i have two collections "Patchy" which is a moulded tableware, and "Glow and Bloom" which is hand-thrown vases / candle holders.
(Blabar only range the Patchy collection at present - if you like the look of Glow and Bloom let us know).

Could you tell us a little about some of your most recent design work?

My ambition is to expand my product range and work in different materials. I want "Kajsa Cramer Handmade" to become a lifestyle brand with a clear style. My husband creates graphic prints and as an autumn launch five photographic prints which capture Scandinavias beautiful melancholy. 

I have during the year expanded the "Patchy" range so later this year the sushiplate, pastadish and servingbowl will launch.

Another autumn launch is the clothing line "Homeware by Saga" which together with a designer we have created clothes for moments in the house. Everything in 100% silk, five different models. 

What inspires you?
I get inspired by the Swedish nature which also is my home. Nature offers fantastic colours, forms and different surfaces. I like organic shaped and this often is reflected in my products.

Perfect Imperfection!

I am a trained interior designer and love to update myself with design and trends through newspapers, blogs, pinterest and more. This is also a source of ideas.

 What is essential in your life?

The most important thing in my life is of course my family. Through them i can keep a distance to my work and gather strength igen when it is busy running your own business. I meditate each day, a necessary moment for me and my inner calm.It is also immensely important to dare to make your dreams a reality!


What is your favourite place in Scandinavia?
I am raised in Skåne, in the south of Sweden. My roots are the sea, sand and the rose hip bushes. My favourite city in Scandinavia is without a doubt Copenhagen where I lived for three years. 

What does Nordic Living mean to you?
Simplicity, practicality, functionality and light colours. 

Video from Elle Decoration (hope you have been practicing your Swedish)