Reclaimed Shirt Dress for Girls_no 1

Dry Things


This dress is made from a reclaimed shirt - an old garment has been given a new life. At the same time as you get a new piece of clothing for your kids, you are nice to the environment by recycling for the future. They say what goes around, comes around - Dry Things would like to add that this way, it also stays around for the future.  

The no 1 shirt dress is a one of a kind statement item and has a small checkered grey and white print, and is originally of the brand Eton. 

Length is 89 cm. 

Type: Clothing

Dry Things are a design team based in Stockholm who have a passion for beautiful objects. They create Things which they like and want to share with others - designed, reclaimed or handpicked items which make a difference. With a focus on local, sustainable products their ambition is to create new classics for the next generation. Their attention to detail transpires through the experience you get from one of their products. 

They work either by themselves, or with friends who share the same philosophy of putting their soul into the process, such as the Kitchen Posters who are made in collaboration with Green Kitchen Stories. Inspired by a Scandinavian way of living, and all things that we like to be surrounded by.

Designer image for Dry Things