T-Tea Earl Grey with Mandarin

Johan & Nyström


Loose earl grey tea. Comes in a beautiful metal box, which is perfect as a gift. 

Around 1830, Earl Grey was not a tea but a dull Prime Minister of Britain. When a British delegate traveled through China he saved the life of the son of a high mandarin, Earl got some boxes of black tea with bergamot as a thank you. And when the tea made success in the finer circles of Britain he launched it under his name. But seriously, does the Earl not receive too much attention in this story? How about highlighting the mandarin effort? Here you go: Earl Grey with mandarin.

Johan & Nyström believe the Swedish both in taste and shape. T-TE is a new honest tastier tea concept that obviously is organic. Our Swedish tea flavour is not just wilderness and lingonberries, there is a real taste trip. 

Type: retail f&b


Johan & Nyström was founded by a group of coffee-loving friends with the vision of a better coffee world. Their mission is to promote the craft by roasting tastier, more fun and more sustainable coffee. It’s not a job,  it is a lifestyle and a passion. They want to innovate, improve and challenge the coffee industry´s misconceptions about quality. They roast their beans according to an artisanal process called “slow roast” where the coffee develops all the good flavours and aromas inherent to the carefully selected beans. 


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