Bellis Earrings in Silver
Bellis Earrings in Silver

Bellis Earrings in Silver

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Bellis Earrings

When nature awakes from winter’s sleep, the flowers emerge from the winter-cold soil. The pretty Bellis Earrings are inspired by one of the first messengers of spring. Do you remember when, as a child, you would pick flowers and play the game Loves Me, Loves Me Not? The Bellis jewellery carries your secret wishes and dreams – in hope that they will come true.

Secretly wear your most inner wishes with the Bellis Earrings or gift them to someone you hold dear as a symbol of love.

All our jewellery is available in gold plated certified recycled silver and certified recycled silver.

Size: 23 mm

Material Certified recycled sterling silver
Comes in a beautiful gift box.

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