Fäbodknäcke Leksands Mountain – Sourdough Crispbread 730g

Fäbodknäcke Leksands Mountain – Sourdough Crispbread 730g

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Leksands Mountain is a crispbread from Sweden, made with sourdough.

This product is Vegan friendly.

Please note, this is a fragile item and may break in transit.

Leksands is one of our favourite Swedish producers, and this sourdough crispbread is amongst our absolute favourites. Known in Sweden as Fäbodknäcke Surdeg it is a crisp, thin crispbread with a wonderful rustic, robust flavour. 

It works especially well with cheese – try the mild and soft Graddost or the flavoursome Norwegian Nokkelost. Also great with pate or smoked salmon – their strong flavours complements the crispbread perfectly. Store cool and dry.


Ingredients: Wholegrain RYE flour, WHEAT bran, water, sourdough (4%) (RYE, water), BARLEY malt, linseed, WHEAT flour, salt. Contains gluten from BARLEY, RYE and WHEAT.

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