Delicato Punschrulle – Marzipan Rum Treats 240g

Delicato Punschrulle – Marzipan Rum Treats 240g

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Delicato Punchrulle is a chocolate, marzipan oat trea which is perfect for Fika.

Known as ‘Dammsugare’ in Sweden, which translates to Vaccum Cleaners – due to their distinct shape.

Punchsrulle, often called ‘vacuum cleaners’, are a traditional pastry covered in thin green marzipan (the Swedes have a thing for green marzipan). 

They first became a thing when bakers needed to find a way of using yesterdays cake crumbs, mixed with a bit of sugar and liqueur for flavour. Today they are amongst the most popular sweet treats and a ScandiKitchen favourite.



Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable oil (palm, rapeseed, shea, coconut), ALMOND, rolled OATS, WHEAT flour, water, cocoa powder, glucose syrup, EGG, HAZELNUT, coconut flakes, hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm), salt, skimmed MILK powder, aroma (vanilla, arrack), emulsifier (SOY lecithin, sunflower lecithin, vegetable E471), conservative (potassium sorbate), colorant (carotene, E133).

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