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Lamp oil 1liter

Sale price£12.50

Strömshaga's own high quality lamp oil! The lamp oil provides a stable and soot-free flame and is completely clean and clear. The oil is made of n-paraffins and is recommended for kerosene lamps and kerosene stoves.


Suitable for indoor use thanks to low odour.


Lamp oil 1liter
Lamp oil 1liter Sale price£12.50

About the Brand

Strömshaga is a Swedish family business with roots outside Gothenburg. The Björkman family started their first business back in 1973. Since then they have run both retail and wholesale operations, which turned into the brand Strömshaga. We are driven by the vision to provide a unique feeling to every home with inspiration from the past. Rural, industrial and retro home decor stays close to our heart. Welcome to Strömshaga!

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