Our Story

Blåbär's mission is to encourage people to 'Live a Life More Nordic'

So what does Nordic life involve? 
In one word it can probably be explained as living Lagom. This Swedish word is culturally hugely important, and loosely translated means 'not too much, not too little - just right'. It involves living a balanced life, not constantly striving for bigger, better & more - but focusing on quality. Quality time with friends & family, in nature, in the home, alone, or in a cafe having a Fika (another Swedish key cultural phrase - meaning to take a pause with a coffee & something sweet, most likely a cinnamon bun). 

There is definitely not enough lagom living going on according to us - so we decided to create such a place. Sandra Linnea West and Oliver Goodier bring their experiences together to offer this Nordic Lifestyle to a wider audience, both online with a selection of products from new nordic designers and in Putney, South West London where we additionally have a cafe. 


Sandra is from Sweden, although she has lived half her life in London, working for the past 5 years towards the Nordics with Brand and Product Management, as well as Sales. She loves the Nordic culture & style, has a passion for healthy living & is always up for a new experience. Blåbär hopefully reflects all these aspects! Addicted to granola, candles and the colour black. 


Oliver was brought up in South West London & comes from a background of design, studying Design & Art Direction in Manchester. He’s been in the film & television industry for over 15 years, recently as an Art Dir. working on features such as Pirates of the Caribbean & Avengers:Age of Ultron. Oliver hopes he can use his experience to create a space that Scandinavians recognise as their own.

We strive to offer affordable quality products. We only work with brands and products we feel live up to our expectations in form of quality, image & also sustainability. We believe that we all have a part to play in the lasting effect on the environment, & so we try to make choices which are sustainable through the selection of materials & processes. We only have one world, lets take care of it.