Oil Lamp Small 8x17cm

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Oil lamp in glass with glassfiber wick and metal casing

8 x 17 cm

Information about the oil lamp, read before use

Adjust the wick to about 2-3 mm by turning the silver- coloured casing in which the wick is in, lifting up and pulling down the wick from below.
Fill the lamp oil on the side of the lamp. We recommend a high quality lamp oil, ie as pure lamp oil as possible.
The oil lamp should not emit soot.
If the lamp sootes, turn off the oil lamp and try to pull the wick further down.

Do not leave the oil lamp unattended.
Do not place the lamp near flammable material.
The lamp should be at the correct distance from children.

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Tell Me More was founded in 2012 by the couple Annalena and Marcus who share a passion for textiles and genuine products. You find our office and showroom in Gothenburg, Sweden

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