Fläckig Speckled Reusable Easter Egg / Swedish-style Påskägg

Fläckig Speckled Reusable Easter Egg / Swedish-style Påskägg

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Is it an oversized Killdeer egg? Is it an egg-shaped piece of abstract art? You decide. Because you (or, indeed, the lucky recipient of your generous Easter gift) are going to be the one admiring our beige and black beauty for years to come. We named this 15cm reusable tin Easter egg Fläckig, which means “spotted” in Swedish, and we’re hoping, once you spot it, that you’ll want to take it home.

Like all Scandi Äggs, its purpose in life is to act as a Christmas stocking for Easter and come out to be filled with a new thoughtful gift - whether that’s a toy, some cologne or a stack of home baked cookies - every spring. We challenge you to be creative and fill our Äggs yourself.

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