Johan & Nyström FTO Coffee Beans 500g

Johan & Nystrom

FTO – Fairtrade Organic is a full-bodied espresso with soft chocolate tones and sweet fruitiness. The coffee is easy to use and gives a taste sensation with or without milk. This is a perfect coffee to awaken an interest in coffee, both recognizable but also offered something new to the experienced barista.

FTO is an espresso coffee that is both good and ethical. The coffee is a blend of Arabica beans from Ethiopia (Yirgacheffe region) and Indonesia (Gayoprovinsen on Sumatra). The coffee beans we buy from cooperatives, certified by Fair Trade. Seedlings are completely organic and the Fairtrade label guarantees that the coffee growers get a fair price and support to build a long term business. Learn more about Fair Trade


Johan & Nyström was founded by a group of coffee-loving friends with the vision of a better coffee world. Their mission is to promote the craft by roasting tastier, more fun and more sustainable coffee. It’s not a job,  it is a lifestyle and a passion. They want to innovate, improve and challenge the coffee industry´s misconceptions about quality. They roast their beans according to an artisanal process called “slow roast” where the coffee develops all the good flavours and aromas inherent to the carefully selected beans. 


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