Johan & Nyström Decaf 250g - Blabar
Johan & Nyström Decaf 250g - Blabar
Johan & Nyström Decaf 250g - Blabar
Johan & Nyström Decaf 250g - Blabar

Johan & Nyström Decaf 250g

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Colombia Decaf is a coffee with a nice fresh sweetness, medium body and an aftertaste that is clean and very enjoyable. Surely the best tasting decaf coffee you ever have been drinking.

In June 2011, we spent a few weeks on the road, among the high-altitude coffee plantations in Huila, southern Colombia. Here we came in contact with a special process station in the city of Manizales. On DESCAFECOL they processes, with the help of advanced technology, namely decaffeinated coffee beans with a total focus on quality, taste, and sustainability. And unlike the majority of decaf coffees in the world is this specific lot´s that arrive fresh, direct from the nearby farms drying table.

Our Serrania Decaf is just such an example. The coffee is procured directly by the 11 small-scale farmers around the cities Pitalito and Oporapa in this celebrated coffee region. These cards are all harvested within a ten-day period and then processed according to the usual washing method.

For decaf coffee so brought down to Manizales and DESCAFECOL. The method using the decaf plant based on a combination of only crystal clear mountain water and an ester called ethyl acetate, which is extracted from natural molasses from sugar cane. Ethyl acetate is common even in quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Without exposing the beans to unnecessarily high pressure or high temperatures have to using sophisticated steam technology the possibility to extract only caffeine from the coffee. This maintains the bean’s natural cellular structure as well as flavor and aroma.

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