Hand Crafted Nordic Wooden Board _ Regular

Dry Things


This beautifully crafted piece of reclaimed wood from Dry Things is made by a woodworker in Sweden. Being reclaimed, the type of wood will vary, but it comes with a hole for hanging with a beautiful brass lining. Being slightly asymmetrical, the size slightly varies due to history of the wood, only adds to its charm. 

One of the most versatile products for the kitchen/home it can be a stylish replacement for the traditional plate to serve food upon, a serving board for bread and cheese, or a board to keep keys, sunglasses etc on. 

Clean with some hot water and wipe clean. If you like you can rub it with some ecologic natural oil or paraffin oil (takes a bit longer to dry) once in a while to keep it happy.

Since they are made of reclaimed wood the measures are approximate depending of what they get out of the pieces. Which wood can also vary. So if you feel uncertain of what to get – send us an email with your questions at 

Dry Things are a design team based in Stockholm who have a passion for beautiful objects. They create Things which they like and want to share with others - designed, reclaimed or handpicked items which make a difference. With a focus on local, sustainable products their ambition is to create new classics for the next generation. Their attention to detail transpires through the experience you get from one of their products. 

They work either by themselves, or with friends who share the same philosophy of putting their soul into the process, such as the Kitchen Posters who are made in collaboration with Green Kitchen Stories. Inspired by a Scandinavian way of living, and all things that we like to be surrounded by.

Designer image for Dry Things