Raw Cut Diamond Bar Pendant Necklace _ Gold

Baumgarten Di Marco


Using the raw offcuts from diamond production, Baumgarten di Marco create hand crafted beautiful stylish pieces of jewellery. Placed on a dark wax the diamonds get an almost black appearance, which makes the design truly unique. 

This handcrafted necklace has a raw diamond bar pendant in 18k gold casing on brass. The chain is 2mm thick and 90cm long, but can be adjusted to 60cm. The lock has an s-closure.

Pendant size: 35mm x 5mm, 4mm height 

All the materials are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced.

BAUMGARTEN DI MARCO creates jewellery, bags and accessories that achieve the perfect balance between the straightforward simplicity of everyday utility and the grace of casual elegance.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, their approach is to combine their own heritage of Scandinavian design with traditional old-world techniques and craftsmanship. They engage expert craftspeople from around the world, using only the best, environmentally friendly materials and production methods – and by offering high quality products that are timeless in design and style.

Designer image for Baumgarten di Marco