Small Plate Porcelain, Dots

Kajsa Cramer


Made from exclusive porcelain clay, Kajsa Cramers small plates are beautiful and durable. Porcelain clay is the purest white of all clays and each one is hand painted making them one of a kind.

The small plate is 19cm across, making them versatile for small snacks or starters. 

This dots and stripes design has a row of dots around the edge to create a traditional but modern Scandinavian feel. Other available colours are White and Black.

With this series, the idea is to combine the different parts and colours to create your own personal tableware. The set is dishwasher and microwave-oven safe.  

Kajsa Cramer's tableware range is made by hand in a CSR (corporate social responsibility) optimised factory. 

Kajsa has a passion for craftsmanship and a simple, genuine and durable design. The touch of her hands are visible in each creation, making them both personal and unique. Thus the perfection in the products is their imperfections.

The delicate and poetic intertwines with the practical and convenient, making your everyday home environment look a little bit better. 


Designer image for Kajsa Cramer