Starry Night Mobile in white & gold 26cm x 25cm

Starry Night Mobile in white & gold 26cm x 25cm

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Designed by Carina Caia & Ole Flensted

”Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars…” That is the introducing section in Count Basies crooner-classic, which among others, Frank Sinatra, immortalized with hos recording.

 With this elegant new mobile, “Starry Night”, you get a free ticket to an adventure among stars.

Here it is stars in light materials, different sizes and in a almost three dimensional shapes, it invites you to come along.

The turning point is a rotated center in brass, which in both end has golden globes. In the middle of every star, theres stamped another star shape, which gives an extra light- and shadow effect on the wall.

Ole Flensted says about ”Starry Night”:

”Who hasn’t on a beautiful starry night, dreamed themselves away on an adventure among the stars? That idea and those feelings is what we tried to keep in the creation. The light materials, known shapes in new combinations and the interaction between light and shadow, movement, and balance – that is what defines Flensted Mobiles”

Material: Serigraphical foil, Wood
Size H x W cm: 26 x 25
Designer: Carina Caia