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Article: 1 month in.


1 month in.

Hello all,

This week it is our 1 month anniversary at 3a Lacy Road. It has been emotional and all consuming, but oh so fantastical. We love Putney and its People - thank you for welcoming us. 


Oli took a total of 6 months off work and went back to a new film on Monday - it is feeling a little empty this week ... I cannot complain though. I have the best team, and my girls at Blåbär are brilliant! Everything has been a team effort, and we could not have been up and running without each one of them.

The Team

I am very proud of our space, though it is not always so easy to step back and see it from the outside (literally). It is a little home away from home in Putney, and as we set out to do - it at least transports me back home to Sweden. 

A massive thank you to all the friends and family who have put in so much time and love to make this a reality, it will always be remembered.

Pre opening


We have so much more to come over the next few weeks now that we are settled.

Events, new menu items, new products and brands! 

Stay Tuned




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