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A Nordic Lifestyle

Blåbär's mission is to encourage people to 

'Live a Life More Nordic'

Blåbär [ˈbloːˌbɛːr] is a Swedish word meaning Blueberry.

Being a ‘Blåbär’ in Sweden means being a beginner, new at something, and that described us pretty well back in 2016 when we launched into this adventure.

We are a couple, Sandra & Oli, who
met over a decade ago in London and we believe that everyone could benefit from some more Nordicness in their lives.

Therefore, we opened Blåbär to offer a genuine Nordic Lifestyle to a wider audience, both online with a selection of handpicked products from new Nordic designers and in
Putney, South West London where we additionally have a café. 

Who are we


Hej, I'm Sandra. I dreamt up Blåbär whilst working in a London office, longing back to my roots in Sweden. I wanted a little piece of Scandinavia with me here in London, both the community side of having a café, as well as providing a space for Nordic design – knowing I will always be able to find a special gift. Blåbär is now part of my identity and the staff and customers have brought such joy to my life!

Addicted to granola, candles and the colour black.

Who are we


Hi, I'm Oli. I am a Londoner, and hugely passionate about design. I studied Design & Art Direction in Manchester, and have been in the film & television industry for over 20 years. Recently I've worked as an Art Director on features such as Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dunkirk & Love Actually. Since I met Sandy, I have embraced the Scandinavian culture and hope I am helping to create a space that Scandinavians recognise as their own.

Our Ethos

Genuinely Nordic

It is essential for us to be genuine, for Blåbär to be an authentic experience.

Every single product in our range is either designed or made in the Nordics.

We purchase directly from the designers - many we are exclusive with, in the UK or our area, and we choose each item for its uniqueness and quality.

We buy in a smaller quantity of each item, and change the range often.