A Nordic Lifestyle

Blåbär's mission is to encourage people to 
'Live a Life More Nordic'

Blåbär [ˈbloːˌbɛːr] is a Swedish word meaning Blueberry.

Being a Blåbär in Sweden means being a beginner, new at something, and that described us pretty well back in 2016 when we launched into this adventure.

We are a couple, Sandra & Oli, who met almost a decade ago in London and we believe that everyone could benefit from some more Nordicness in their lives.

Therefore we opened Blåbär to offer a genuine Nordic Lifestyle to a wider audience, both online with a selection of handpicked products from new Nordic designers and in Putney, South West London where we additionally have a café. 

Sandra Linnea West

Who we are

Oliver Goodier

Who we are

Our Ethos

Genuinely Nordic

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