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Article: Beautiful Things.


Beautiful Things.

Slow Living is a concept which has gained popularity over the last few years, one of the key advocates is Carl Honore who describes it as "Doing everything as well as possible, instead of as fast as possible. It’s about quality over quantity in everything from work to food to parenting". Think Kinfolk magazine. 

This is a challenge to most people, especially when you live in a city like London where there is always somewhere to go and someone to see. 

Slow Living is a philosophy which our new brand from Sweden, DRY Things, really seem to embrace. Johan and Jenny started DRY Things, and are a creative team that work on projects they are passionate about - either by themselves on in collaboration with friends. 

We visited DRY Things on our trip to Stockholm (see the guide here) and standing infront of the large beautiful windows near Oden Plan we knew we were in for a treat. Greeted by the usual "a cup of coffee", more of a statement than a question, we were warmly welcomed into their studio. 

Dry things studio

It was clear to see that DRY Things is their creation, right from the heart. Each item is clearly considered and has been lovingly designed and crafted. DRY Things produce locally in Sweden, and their products are made ecologically and sustainably. Oh and dont forget beautiful.

Find Dry Things posters, wooden serving boards and reclaimed clothes available on our webshop here

Oli was like a kid in a candy store, feeling the quality of the paper on the posters which are all printed in house, the old wooden printing letter stamp on display, discussing the brave and beautiful choice of paint (clearly Farrow and Ball) and examining the unique interior pieces which all seemed to have a purpose.

One of the most inspiring places we visited in Stockholm, created by two very inspiring individuals. If you're in Stockholm - go visit!


What kind of products do you create and who do you create them for?
We like things that make a difference, created with soul and passion. Things that tell a story. We create from a genuine interest in beautiful, sustainable objects, inspired by our way of living. Things that we like to be surrounded by. Things that only get better over the years and become new classics to bring into the next generation. It’s created for people that share this philosophy.

What inspires you?
Passionate people who work hard and that stays humble. Travelling and gaining new experiences.

What is essential in your life?
Spending time in beautiful surroundings with family and friends. Creating new meaningful stuff all the time. 

What is your favourite place in Scandinavia? 
Soo much to choose from! But our studio is a nice space.

What does Nordic Living mean to you?
Effortless and understated living close to nature.

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