Design House Stockholm

One of the greats has arrived at Blåbär!

Design House Stockholm is a 'publishing house' for Nordic designers, where designers submit their designs and a few are then selected for production - many of which go on to become design classics. 

They work with both unknown designers, as well as more well known names. Always looking for products which bring something new to the genre, by looking at the design or functionality in a completely different way. Whilst still maintaining a very simple and classic look - which stands the tests of time. 













These new Torso chairs are an absolut stunner, and really combines fashion with furniture design. Lisa Hilland who designed it, studied at the St Martin College of Art in London - and then set up her own studio in Sweden. 

The Torso chairs have a leather back, which ages with time to become something unique, a future classic for sure.


I received one of the Nordic Light candleholders as a college (gymnasiet) graduation present - and it still has a prime spot in my house today. The perfect gift. 

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