On the 8th of February it will be 1 year ago Blåbär opened the doors at 3a Lacy Road. Crazy.

We will be celebrating with some fab events and offers for you guys - so keep reading! 

But first, we have had a lot of First's so thought we would mention a few!!!


FIRST INJURY - My (Sandras) dad had to be rushed to hospital during the build, having accidentally stabbed himself with a scalpel in the arm. It ended with a big appreciation for the NHS and a story to be told many times.


- Caroline, our manager, what would we have done without you?! Here we are interviewing before we opened, what you cant see if that she is sat on a toilet (to clarify it is not in use).



FIRST CUSTOMER - Chris walked through the doors at 7.56 (we opened at 8) on the 8th of February and ordered a Cappuccino. All our work and late nights and there he was! Mind blowing. During the past year we have had a lot of interesting morning conversations with Cappuccino Chris (as he will be forever known as) - thank you for coming!


- Who would have guessed that the first product we sold was a Candle?! Very Hygge. Specifically it was the Skandinavisk HAV (meaning sea) candle which is still one of our best sellers, find it available here for £24.99. 


FIRST EVENT - Was our music night in April, Northern Lights Session, where our very own Elina performed beautifully @elinaofficialmusic

The Northern Lights Session is now a monthly event, the first Thursday of the month, and you can buy tickets online or in store. See all our events here.


- Was in Elle Decoration, where Blåbär was listed as Interior of the Week which was amazing!!!! See the full review on their website here 

Elle Decoration Review

These are just a few of all the memories we have. We hope you also have many memories from us.

Sooo now to celebrate our anniversary and to create more memories!! 


 cinnamon buns

Sounds like the best idea ever right?!

For our birthday weekend Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of February this is exactly what we are doing.

So here are the RULES.

- £5 to enter and all the money goes to the charity Renewable World
- You get 1 cinnamon bun and 1 glass of water
- All participants are timed and top 10 fastest results go on the leaderboard on the wall
- Whoever eats their bun in the fastest time wins - simple!

So what is the PRIZE?

We are starting a tradition here people, so we have a Cinnamon Bun Championship Cup which the winners name will be engraved on, your could be the first! 

Oh and you also get a free coffee. And a Blåbär bag. And the honour. 

Join us un store for more fun & treats the weekend 4th-5th February. 

For those who cant join us, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all online orders in the UK. Use the code 1yearanniversary from the 1st of February to the 9th. Every order will also receive a free Blåbär Tote Bag worth £3.95