Kerosene Lamp Sabina Clear in Brass 18cm
Kerosene Lamp Sabina Clear in Brass 18cm
Kerosene Lamp Sabina Clear in Brass 18cm
Kerosene Lamp Sabina Clear in Brass 18cm

Kerosene Lamp Sabina Clear in Brass 18cm

Brand: strömshaga
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Smaller kerosene lamp in clear glass with a brass coloured burner. One wick included. Lamp oil sold separately.

Kerosene lamps were the most common variety of lamps in Sweden in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. Our kerosene lamps are produced with the purpose of adding light sources in places where there is no electricity, such as small boats, cottages and balconies/gardens. However, they are also just pretty to keep on your kitchen table for a cosy feeling. Kerosene lamps are also useful at times of power failure since they allow for a very strong light. 

Kerosene lamps are recommended to keep at home, at time of an eventual crisis.

Source: Civilförsvarsförbundet 

Material: Glass

Colour: Transparent, Brass

Size: Ø 8 x H 18 cm


The kerosene lamp must be switched off and cold when filling.

- Remove the burner glass and unscrew the burner.
- Fill the lamp with lamp oil, circa 2/3. Use a funnel for minor spills.
- Put the burner with wick back and let the wick absorb lamp oil for approx 20-30 minutes.
- Light the lamp and adjust the height of the flame with the screw on the side of the burner.
- Put back the burner glass.

Please do note that you may have to adjust the burner glass in order to get it straight. When the glass is straight, use the metal clamps on the burner to stabilize it. 

To turn off the light:
Extinguish the flame by slowly lowering the wick until the flame goes out or blow out the flame.

Shift wick:
The old wick is pulled out from the burner from below and the new one is inserted from below and screwed up to the correct height.

The burner glass will be extremely hot when the lamp has been burning for some time. Place the lamp on a flat surface away from flamable material. Make sure to also keep the area above the lamp, about 1 meter, free.

Consider the lamp as a primary light source and not only as decoration. Never leave the lamp unattended and keep it out of reach of children and pets. The lamp oil is very toxic to ingest. If swallowed DO NOT induce vomiting but contact poison control centre for guidance.

(Please read the inclosed directions for use before using the lamp)

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