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Paper Napkins - Tall (Pine Tree) 33cm x 33cm

Sale price£5.00

Beautiful table settings is something we value highly. These napkins with the Tall (pine tree) print, are suitable for both everyday use and special occasions. The Scandinavian nature is as a major inspiration for us and a big part of our pattern world arise from it.

Paper Napkins - Tall (Pine Tree) 33cm x 33cm
Paper Napkins - Tall (Pine Tree) 33cm x 33cm Sale price£5.00

About the Brand

Fine Little Day are a Sweden based lifestyle design company that believes in the expression of play, passionate craftsmanship, hand drawn lines and ideas with a story to tell. We stand for environmentally friendly products with high artistic quality.

We enjoy simple luxuries passionate craftsmanship and effortless aesthetics. We cherish wobbly lines, tangle hair and think imperfect is perfect. We do not believe in popularity contests, but in ideals based on life nourished by quirky, cheerful content and curious messages. We deal with every bit of our nonsense and stay stubbornly true to unfettered creativity. We are focused on finding playful moments, and do not have to travel far to find the magic in everyday life. 

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