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Poster London City A3

Sale price£32.00

The London poster by Martin Schwartz gives you the vibes of the English capital. Take a walk in the streets of London and you cannot help but to feel mesmerised by this city’s magnificent atmosphere. Imposing buildings from the colonial period rub their shoulders with glistening skyscrapers and remind you, that the greatness of this city always has been based on trade.

A branched network of subway lines, forever busy streets, and the river Thames’ squirming route through the city all seem like blood veins in a giant urban organism, that never sleeps. 

This poster depicts the essence of London, giving you everything from Victorian and Georgian architecture to the modern icons which all make up the profile of this city.

Poster London City A3
Poster London City A3 Sale price£32.00

About the Brand

Martin Schwartz is a contemporary Danish illustrator and graphic designer located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
His series of city prints pay tribute to the variety of buildings that can be found in every city. For every poster design, Martin Schwartz invests a lot of time researching the city in order to fully understand its DNA. Talking with locals and visiting each neighbourhood are all vital parts of his research. The end result is a mind-blowing poster which depicts the city’s most iconic buildings, historical bars as well as typical living houses down in their finest details. His posters give you the soul of a city in a single print.
Martin Schwartz works from his studio in the Copenhagen neighbourhood of Vesterbro, and his works are sold from selected shops in a number of countries. Aside from his poster designs, Martin Schwartz also does commission work for a number of clients worldwide.

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