Scent Diffuser SKOG 100ml (small)
Scent Diffuser SKOG 100ml (small)
Scent Diffuser SKOG 100ml (small)
Scent Diffuser SKOG 100ml (small)

Scent Diffuser SKOG 100ml (small)

Brand: Skandinavisk
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Give your home the scent of the boreal forest with our smaller-sized SKOG Scent Diffuser. The new 100ml size is ideal for smaller spaces or as a gift to loved ones.

The Skandinavisk diffuser collection blends Scandinavian fragrance stories with renewably farmed vegetable oils inside a painted glass vase, with decorative FSC-certified beechwood ring, and eight high-performance reeds for a gentle and responsible room fragrance.

Alcohol-Free. Non-hazardous. Vegan.


[’skuːg] Swedish/Norwegian for ‘forest’. Boreal forests cover over half the Scandinavian lands, stretching from the southernmost county of Sweden to the Arctic Circle.

Scent notes: Pine needles and fir cones, birch sap and woodland lily of the valley.


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Partially-recycled and dishwasher-proof glass produced in the EU with metals-free water dyes. FSC-certified packaging card from managed Swedish forests with natural colour dyes.


Height: 10 cm

Diameter: 5.2 cm

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