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Article: The Optical illusionist


The Optical illusionist

Glass. A material which many probably won't have thought twice about, what exactly is it?

It is the passion and livelihood of our first designer Evelina Dovsten. 


A short intro to the art

The art of glassblowing is fascinating and dates back centuries to 2000 years before christ. The material is essentially a high quality type of sand, which is mixed with a few other ingredients such as metals, lime and soda and heated over fire to 1000 degrees Celsius in a furnace of a so called 'hot shop'. 

It is one of the most painstaking arts as glass is such a fragile material. It is spun onto the end of a long blowpipe and moulded by blowing through the pipe, then shaped with various tools. As it is being formed, it becomes cool and thus unworkable so it needs to be constantly reheated in the furnace and then slowly cooled down to not crack. It requires precision and delicacy > see video below

Our Designer

Evelina is a young glassblower and designer based in Stockholm. Having worked and attended courses in Japan, Denmark, USA, Scotland and Sweden she has been inspired by many cultures and techniques.

Blåbär are proud to exclusively carry Evelinas work in the UK, and all her products are handblown and signed - every piece is worthy of becoming a centrepiece of the home. 

6 Quick questions for Evelina 

What kind of products do you create and who do you create them for?
I make both more conceptual work mostly with the actual process of 'making' in focus, and also tableware, and I let this two processes have a dialog with each other. My pieces are made for everybody who value crafts, forms and the process of making.

Could you tell us a little about some of your most recent design work?
I call myself an artist and maker. I have worked a lot with questioning the designer-image that you often see in media. Who is really making? Who is making for who?

What inspires you?
Illusions, glass, water, and making things over and over again...

What is essential in your life?
Mattias and Åke (partner and pet)

What is your favourite place in Scandinavia?
I have many; Stockholm, Henstaviken, Bohus Malmon

What does Nordic Living mean to you? 
Ignore the curtains, let the light in. 

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