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Blåbär 'Fika Blandning' Espresso Beans 250gBlåbär 'Fika Blandning' Espresso Beans 250g
Delicato Punschrulle – Marzipan Rum Treats 240g
Fäbodknäcke Leksands Mountain – Sourdough Crispbread 730g
Lakrisal Salmiak – Salty Liquorice Sweets 25g
Umbrella ForestUmbrella Forest
Umbrella Forest Sale price£50.00
Best sellerScented Candle Skog 50hScented Candle Skog 50h
Juleskum - Blabar
Umbrella Sky LakeUmbrella Sky Lake - Blabar
Umbrella Sky Lake Sale price£50.00
Hand Soap Organic - Linen Dew - BlabarHand Soap Organic - Linen Dew - Blabar
Annas Pepparkakor - Almond Ginger Thins  150g
Hand Soap Organic - Northern DawnHand Soap Organic - Northern Dawn
Body Wash Organic - Linen DewBody Wash Organic - Linen Dew
Scented Candle Fjord 50hScented Candle Fjord 50h
Scented Candle Hygge 50hScented Candle Hygge 50h
Inner Pillow 100% Down - BlabarInner Pillow 100% Down - Blabar
House Doctor
Inner Pillow Stuffing Sale priceFrom £10.00
Mini Scented Candle Skog 20hMini Scented Candle Skog 20h
Blåbär Gift Card - BlabarBlåbär Gift Card - Blabar
Hand Soap Organic - Harvest MoonHand Soap Organic - Harvest Moon
Scented Candle Koto 50hScented Candle Koto 50h
Pepper Mix - BlabarPepper The Mixed Blend w. White, Red, Green, Pink and Black peppercorns
Kanelbullen Cinnamon Bun Socks - AdultKanelbullen Cinnamon Bun Socks - Adult
Linen Wheat Bag - Large in Creatures NavyLinen Wheat Bag - Large in Creatures Navy - Blabar
Lip balm, Organic in MintLip balm, Organic in Mint
Salt - The Secret BlendSalt - The Secret Blend
Scented Candle Hav 50hScented Candle Hav 50h
Ahlgrens Bilar Sursockrade – Sour Sweets 100g
Linen Wheat Bag - Large in Creatures YellowLinen Wheat Bag - Large in Creatures Yellow - Blabar
Scented Candle OY 50hScented Candle OY 50h
Mini Scented Candle Hygge 20hMini Scented Candle Hygge 20h
Nail File in Glass, GreyNail File in Glass, Grey
Body Lotion Organic - Linen DewBody Lotion - Linen Dew - Blabar
Blåbär Tote Shopper Bag in BlackBlåbär Tote Shopper Bag in Black
Salt & Pepper, Everyday Mix - BlabarSalt & Pepper, Everyday Mix
Bangle Band Metallic Silver Star · Glittery Silver - BlabarBangle Band Metallic Silver Star · Glittery Silver
Soap Ball Shea Butter - Lavender, Lemongrass or RoseSoap Ball Shea Butter - Lavender, Lemongrass or Rose
Bangle Band Jaguar · Bottle Green - BlabarBangle Band Jaguar · Bottle Green
Save £3.00Mini Hand Cream Skog 30mlMini Hand Cream Skog 30ml
Mini Hand Cream Skog 30ml Sale price£8.00 Regular price£11.00
Mini Scented Candle Fjord 20hMini Scented Candle Fjord 20h
Chocolate Truffles - Pistachio & CrunchChocolate Truffles - Pistachio & Crunch
Linen Wheat Bag - Large in Natural PlainLinen Wheat Bag - Large in Natural Plain - Blabar
Kerri, Hot Water Bottle Cover in Sheepskin, CreamKerri, Hot Water Bottle Cover in Sheepskin, Cream
Save £5.00Hand Cream Øy 75mlHand Cream Øy 75ml
Hand Cream Øy 75ml Sale price£17.00 Regular price£22.00
Body Wash Organic - Northern DawnBody Wash Organic - Northern Dawn
Save £9.00Kerri, Hot Water Bottle Cover in Sheepskin, CarbonKerri, Hot Water Bottle Cover in Sheepskin, Carbon
Scented Candle Ro 50hScented Candle Ro 50h
Hand Soap Organic - Silky MistHand Soap Organic - Silky Mist
Mini Scented Candle Hav 20hMini Scented Candle Hav 20h
Body Wash Organic - Silky MistBody Wash Organic - Silky Mist

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